Official Bitmark Documentation

The Bitmark Property System allows individuals to use the Bitmark blockchain to register and acquire digital assets, giving them control over how they’re used, transferred, licensed, or sold. It’s a self-sovereign system that permits everyone to be the ultimate authority for their digital property.

Essentials covers the basics: what the Bitmark Property System is, how to get involved. The section provides instructions on how to register data, control access, transfer and share rights. This is where to look for a tutorial on Bitmark.

In-Depth goes into more specifics, focusing on the details of the Bitmark Property system and its blockchain. The section describes how the basic protocols and data structures of the Bitmark Property System work. This is where to look for the details of Bitmark structures and operations.

Meta completes the documentation with articles discussing the foundations of the Bitmark Property System and the Bitmark Shares system as well as how they differ from Ethereum tokens. This is where to look for more theoretical discussions of the Bitmark Property System.